Using Reaper Automixer for Livestreaming

  1. A computer capable of running Reaper AND OBS simultaneously. I tested it on my 2020 ASUS G14, but don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work on one of those new M1 Macs.
  2. An audio interface. The demo was conducted with a Zoom Livetrak L8. I also tested Reaper automixer with a Zoom H6 with success. The key thing is to bring the audio signals from a number of microphones into your computer. You would also need the appropriate audio interface software driver (most likely an ASIO driver) installed and working.
  3. Reaper, with the leafac_Automixer plugin, Leandro’s automixer script and the ReaStream VST plugin installed. Reaper also needs to be using the appropriate ASIO driver and sees the various audio channels.
  4. OBS. We would need a way to send the Reaper output to OBS. This is achieved by the ReaStream VST plugin running on Reaper (which sends the signal out via the network interface) and on OBS (which receives the signal). Try search for “Reaper OBS” on Youtube.




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